Bicycling at 50 Plus


Bicycling is a great way to see the outdoors
and take in the fresh air, or simply get around town

The over 50 crowd may want to just have fun and take leisurely rides, but biking is also an efficient way to burn excess calories, shed body fat and improve cardiovascular health.

Depending on your body weight and the intensity of your ride, you will probably burn somewhere between 400 and 500 calories on a one hour bicycling.

The advantages of taking out the bike:

  • Great joy of bicycling
  • Discovering what you canít see from a car
  • Making new friends
  • Stopping to talk with people along the way
  • The thrill of the descent with the wind in your face


Bicycle for fun

Who should be cycling? Everyone! Bicycling is a great activity to enjoy with your family. Even new parents have options for bicycling with special seats and strollers designed specifically for the little ones.

For the over 50 group, there are plenty of bikes available for sale that offer comfortable seats, and easy to pedal bikes.

Maybe you have an exercise bike and thatís a good thing.  But nothing beats getting out in the open air and pushing yourself; especially when you begin to see the results. 

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to launch a new lifestyle of fun and fitness. Bicycling for Fun  takes away the excuses and leads you right where you belong!

Suggestions on What You Should Do:

  1. Buy a bike. Make sure it fits comfortably. Bike shops can fit a bike properly, but this costs money. Being able to ride the bike around easily, and being able to stand comfortably over it are the most important factors. Ensure the bike is in good working condition. The brakes and gears should work well. Bicycle for Health
  2. Invest in necessary bike equipment. These include a bag for the bike that should fit under the seat, a spare tube, a multitool, tire levers, hydration pack or water bottles, and a pump or CO2 cartridges. Purchase bike shorts. These are well worth the money spent in terms of comfort. Other biking apparel can wait, such as jerseys. To start, any t-shirt will work.
  3. Join a cycling club. Bike clubs know all the local bike routes, and can teach safety information and basic repair skills, and give helpful cycling advice. You can also ride with other people that enjoy this hobby, making trips more fun.
  4. Install lights on the bike. Both front lights and tail lights are available. Both are very important--front lights allow the rider to see any obstacles, tail lights allow cars and other vehicles to see the bike rider. If you feel safe and only need to concentrate on the ride, the cycling will be more fun.
  5. Get clearance from a doctor to begin an exercise program that includes cycling. It will not be fun if you have to stop in the middle of a trip because of health problems.
  6. Plan bike trips to interesting places and enjoy the scenery. Whether out on a park trail, riding downtown or on trails, biking will make you appreciate your surroundings even more.

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 You can find local clubs in your area.  Here is one local to me in Los Angeles, but you can find them anywhere in the country by doing a search on

Meet Up Groups - Bicycling - Los Angeles area - This site has a search bar where you can enter any zip code in the country, and get the Meet Up Bicycle Clubs in your area.

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