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You get great discounts for Hotel, Cruises, Car and Air Flights through CheapOAir .    

There are endless opportunities on the internet to find places to go and how
to get there for the best prices.  There are many cheap travel packages available here.

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    We have found excellent results with CheapOAir  and have given you links to use their services if you like.  There is so much available, I found them to be comprehensive and all encompassing for vacation packages, trips, etc.  It's like vacations to go.

Let's get away from it all and enjoy.  Whether you want to book a flight and hotel to Guadalajara, Barbados, the Bahamas or Paris, part of the joy of being over 50 is that you can do this to enjoy your life and fulfill a lifetime of fantasies overseas.

Sometimes you only want a long weekend to take a breather.  Or maybe a whole week...and sometimes a whole month. 

Longetivity or long life partly depends on your level of enjoyment.  If you know how to take a break and breath in the good air, and smell the roses, you are yards ahead of the pack.  You might as well enjoy it while you're here.

Vacations and Trips

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