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Hiking equipment is gear or equipment that one takes along on an outdoors hiking trip. While hiking is considered different than backpacking (overnight camping), the equipment is of necessity of a shorter term more practical nature for such a walk. However even for a day trip it is prudent to pack at least rudimentary solutions for eventualities that may arise including being forced to stay the night, getting lost, or accidents.

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Hiking equipment may be considered in several categories
  • Items Worn - Things that a hiker wears on the hiking trip. This may include footwear, clothing, head gear, etc.
  • Carrying Items - Backpacks, waist packs, walking sticks or staffs, etc.
  • Essential gear - Items that are essential for the hike safety or necessary in potential emergency situations.
  • Food and drink - Food items to consume as snacks, lunch, or in emergencies.
  • Optional Items - Any other items that the hiker desires to bring along including seating pads, chairs, notebooks, hammocks, and sometimes even computers.

Weight and bulk limit the amount of hiking equipment  that one can carry (particularly if one follows the principle of Leave No Trace and does not discard items on the trail). Criteria for packing an item include weight, bulk (size), number of alternative uses and the chances of each of those uses becoming apparent, weighed against the importance. For example, a whistle may seem unlikely to become necessary, but can be real life saver when it does and weighs next to nothing. Other items, like a sleeping bag, can also be important but can also be very restricting, so a simpler alternative like an extra layer of clothing might be a better idea.

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