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Is it possible to trade your bank debt for cash... with no repayment... where you and the banks win?

There is a process available to us where we can make claims to the government for any bank debt we have ever obtained from a federal reserve bank.

To many people this process is unheard of, and sounds too bizarre, and hence they dismiss it.  However, if you are aware of the control of our lives, and especially the financial system from the Federal Reserve, you begin to understand the concepts here are not bizarre.  Freedom club has been working at this for a long time.  What is amazing about this group is the degree of tenacity, integrity and devotion they exhibit in this quest for righteousness.  Anyone who believes in the integrity of the individual and freedom should appreciate people like that.  Freedom Club (FCUSA) has been working since 2004 to bring this process into fruition.  It is very complex, and kept out of the reach of the common man on purpose.  There have been a handful of people who fell away and quit the club after waiting 2 or 3 years, and they concluded that it was a scam, and they put negative stuff up on the internet.  The resistance from the those who control our financial system makes the task difficult to overcome.  Had they still been aboard with all the present progress and activity, I am sure they would change their mind. (2011)
There is plenty of information on their website that allows you to learn more about what this is. 

To get you started watch these 2 videos about banking.  Did you know that you have a Strawman?

Click these links and watch, then come back to read more below.  

Got Debt        Meet Your Strawman

More and more people are waking up to the truth, and FCUSA offers a real chance to win using the system that was  set up to remedy the fraud that was perpetrated on us the innocent, unwitting citizens.  Each of us has a Corporate Entity or Strawman that is set up at birth by our birth certificate.  A trust account is established, and whenever we go to "borrow" money from the bank (credit card purchase, home loan, car loan etc.) the money is actually taken from our trust accounts....each one of us.  We fund our own loans.  Yet we are told by the bank that we must pay back what we "borrowed" with interest as if they loaned us the money.
The redemption process set up secretly by Congress (yet it is in the Congressional records if you know where to look) allows us to undue this process and get substantial penalties in the form of rebates.
In addition to all the printed material on the FCUSA web site, you can listen to informational calls about FCUSA by clicking on the "Recorded Calls" in the menu on the left side of each page. The FCUSA Intro Calls are held on Monday nights. These calls are open to anybody and you can get a lot of background information about the club.

At some point, for $300 you will want to become a member of FCUSA.  There are two primary benefits of being a member. The first benefit is being able to obtain an Administrative Remedy (AR) (they pay for it) which is the process that FCUSA uses to turn debt (mortgages, car loans, student loans, credit cards, IRS taxes) into cash. The second benefit is listening to weekly members only conference calls. All of the member calls are archived on the web site. There are two main types of member calls. Some calls discuss the status of AR funding and various freedom topics. Other calls have guest speakers (subject matter experts) who educate members on various asset protection strategies. When AR funding occurs, it will yield a significant amount of money. So, it would make sense that we should know how to protect these assets.

We should applaud the brave and tenacious people of FCUSA who are tirelessly working toward perfecting the process of redemption.  One should listen in on the recorded calls once a week to get a first hand account of what goes on.  What is different about these people is that instead of approaching the government as an adversary, they joined with the govt as a partner and they find that once that barrier has been crossed there is an entirely different breed of folks on the other side (the inside if you will) who are congenial and cooperative.  FCUSA has actually become a sub-agency of the govt.  Every time they think they have all the wrinkles and detours sorted out, there is an another obstacle that rears its head.  They deal with it, and keep moving forward. There was no road map to follow....they had to discover the convoluted pathway all themselves.
Why is the govt cooperating with us???? Because they get a percentage out of it.  They are in dire straits financially and are desperately trying to find alternative forms of influx to shore up their falling structure.  They understand that the goals of many of the FCUSA members it to become ambassadors in the future for this process to help their fellow man.  FAUSA wants to see millions of members in the future.  In my case, I intend to actively introduce this to at least 100 new people per year so that they can get help and redemption.
Now it is  2011, and the time to start the funding is at hand as all blockages have been cleared away, they have attained all necessary security clearances, and there should be no other delays.  When funding starts, memberships are closed until some future date yet undisclosed.  We are hopeful, patient, and sometimes a unhappy that it has taken so long.  Indeed, I have been a member since December, 2009.  I have submitted my first claim called an Administrative Remedy (AR), and it has been through the 30 day redemption process under the rule of the Admiralty Law.
(There are about 25 Consultants in the Club, and they are part of the functioning management for FCUSA....twice weekly they have calls with headquarters on the conference lines getting updates and progress reports).  If you desire, I can arrange a conference call for anyone interested.
They hired an Administrative Company , whose owners are also members of 6 years now, to administer the funding of the ARs and also to set up LLCs at no charge for each of us who would want the gift.  I will at the outset have 2 entities with which to deal my money.  (The govt does not allow funding to be sent directly to the individual)
If the FRNs - Federal Reserve Notes - are no longer the currency of the United States, they will issue money in the denomination or currency of the day when/if that occurs.  The monies must be rendered to an entity other than yourself.  (Corporation, LLC, Non Profit Religious Corp, Corp Sole and so on)  The process allows us to hold several entities and to have money spread out amongst them for our protection and privacy.  Own Nothing but Control Everything is the motto.  Almost a year ago I formed a Corp and I am the manager.  I am waiting for funding along with the 4600 other members.If you want more, contact me....

Lee Zebold

Lee Zebold, BSc, LX


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